Solar Generator

Due to the depletion of fossil fuels, the interest in renewable energy ,solar energy to be amplified.
The solar energy is reliable source of energy , unlimited, eco-friendly, and can be used by anybody
at any place.

We trade the devices of renewable solar energy such as solar generators and lanterns.
They are one of the innovative power supply device on the undeveloped countries .

Features of the solar generator

  • No noise :no Motor
  • Where : Can be used natural solar light at any place.
  • Various Charge : Solar light as well as Grid power, Cigar jack and dynamo lever.
  • Economical efficiency : No need fossil fuel such as Diesel, Gasoline. – Zero electric bill
  • Applicable place : Isolated islands, bush, jungle, field, garden, event place, Missionary work, Office, School, Hospital, Guest house, Hotel & resort etc.
  • Mobility : Compact size and weight, easy carrying with handle,
  • Output : 220V AC and 12V(24V)DC for all kinds of electrical devices(mobile, Laptop etc.)
  • Extension of lighting : you can use a lot of lights with LED lamp.
  • Easy handling : all generator moved with wheel.
  • Extension of operation hour : it is possible through extra batteries .
  • Reduction of charging hour : through increasing the number of solar panels.

How to select suitable generator for me

  • Classification per application : Emergency? vs General?,
  • Classification per purpose : only for the light? or light and electrical devices?
  • Classification per places : Open field , house, office etc

  • Calculate the maximum consumption of electricity at the same time. then choose the suitable capacity of the generator.
  • for example)

    fluorescence bulb : 20w x 5 ea=100w
    TV : 100W x1 ea = 100w
    Electric fan : 40w x 3 ea = 120w     Total : 320w

  • Need confirm through label on the devices.

    However, product is in excess of the generator capacity should not be used.
    Ex) AM-1(rated 700W) generator --- 1200W Coffee pot( X )

Specifications by model

Specification Solar Generator (Model)
AM-1 AM-600 AM-1500 AM-2000 AM-3000
Input Power DC DC 12V DC 12V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V
AC AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V AC220V
Capacity Maximum 1 KW 3 KW 5 KW 7 KW 10 KW
Rated output 700W 2KW 3KW 5KW 7KW
Output Jack AC 220V O O O O O
DC 12V O O O O O
Battery Type PbSO4Deep Cycle battery
Internal 35Ah x1ea 200Ah x1ea 200Ah x2ea 200Ah x2ea 200Ah x2ea
external X X X X 200Ah x2ea
Expansion O O O O O
Function Lighting O O O O O
Power supply O O O O O
Charging source Solar panel O O O O O
No. of panel 40WP x2ea 280WP x2ea 280WP x4ea 280WP x6ea 280WP x10ea
Grid charge O O O O O
Dynamo lever O O O O O
Cigar jack O X X X X
Battery X X X X X
Mobility Portable O
Fixing O O O O O
Specification Size(WxHxD)mm 220x450x320 560x480x420 630x530x560 630x530x560 630x530x560
Weight 23kg 70kg 130kg 130kg 160kg
Lighting hr Fully charged Depending on consumption
Charging hr By Solar 7hr 7hr 7hr 7hr 7hr
Water resistant Resistant X X X X X
Protection Over charge O O O O O
Over discharge O O O O O