SolarTurn1130 - Solar lantern & Mobile phone charger

  • Dimension: 45(D)x165(H)x190(L)mm
  • weight: 450g
  • Lamp: LED
  • Light: 130 Lumen
  • Charge: about 5hr
  • Light time: 5hr~15hr~50hr(3 step)
  • Mobile phone Charge: 5V 750mA
  • Water proof: Casual proof

“ Can use wherever with sunlight ”
“ Small size but strong brightness”
“ 450g weight but Strong body ”
“Casual Water resistant “
“ No need buy the battery every day “
“ Overcharge & Over discharge protection system applied “
—Almost 0% of self-discharging
MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) for optimal solar harvest

Optimized for
- Jungle, Isolated bush and Islands, Area without electricity etc.
- Africa : Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania etc.
- South Pacific : Papua New Guinea, Solomon Is., Vanuatu, Fiji, Cook Is. Etc
- Asia : Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, etc.


  • Light weight -450g like float
  • Small but strong LED light -130 Lumen
  • Body is strong reinforced plastic against fall
  • Various applications
    • Flash

      - Leisure activity : night climbing, reading, studying, camping, fishing, field performance etc.
      - Industrial work : emergency light of boat and car, workshop, agricultural activity (garden), bee keeping(mountain or non power area)
      - House : looking for small thing under the table & chink, emergency light when black out
      - Village life : at jungle, bush, no power area, mountain, islands
      - For disaster rescue : climbing distress, sea drift, ship in distress etc.

    • Mobile phone Charge

      Wherever : Climbing, camping, bush(jungle), Isolated area, car Emergency charge at disaster area, village

    • SOS signal

      blinking function – disaster/ earthquake/car accident/ shipwreck/ Climbing distress etc.

  • Casual Water & dust proof
    • can use under the rainy situation within short time. But it need dry completely then use if it is exposed to rain or waterlogged for a long minute

    ※ Caution : don't press power button if it is exposed above situation.

  • Long battery life – rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Hand strap : Velcro strap help to hang to the bag, knapsack or on the wall and tree.
  • Charge
    • Solar panel : 2.2WP - 5Hr
    • AC adapter : DC 5~12V - 2hr
    • Cigar jack :12V - 2hr
  • Place of Origin : South Korea

Specification & Function

Lamp 1W LED
Brightness 130Lumen
Light angle 180°
SOS alert Emergency
Lighting hour Max. brightness : 5hour
Mid. Brightness : 15hour
Min. Brightness : 50hour
Charge Solar Module 2.2wp --5hr
Electricity AC/DC adapter 5~12V --2hr
Car cigar jack 12V --2hr
Battery 2400mAh. 3.7V Lithium ion battery
Mobile phone charge USB cable 5V/750mA
Dimension 165(H)x45(D)x190(L)m, 450g
Case Reinforced plastic

적용 예

Comparison of solar lantern
Solarturn 1130 Mini home light Dynamo Flashlight
Capacity Output 130Lumen LED 80-160-240Lm
Output Jack AC 220V X X X
DC 12V X X X
DC 5V O 5.1(+)(-)0.15V / 1A 5.6V / 2.5W
Function Lighting O O O
Charging mobile O (2hr, 90%) O O
Blinking O (LED) O (LED) O (RED)
Charging source Solar panel O O X
No. of panel 2.2WP 3WP / 5.5Vx1ea X
Electric power O (AC/DC 5-12V) O (AC/DC 5V/1A) X
Dynamo handle X X O
Cigar jack O X X
Battery X X X
Mobility Portable O O O
Specification Size(WxHxD)mm 190x165x45 79x222x58
Weight 450g 251g
Battery Internal Lithium lon
2400mAh (3.7V)
4.4Ah (3.7V)
80mAh (3.6V)
Lighting hr Fill charged MAX 5hr
Mid 15hr
Min 50hr
1W - 18hr
2W - 10hr
3W - 6hr
Charging hr By Solar 5hr Dynamo
Water resistant Resistant O (Casual) X X
Protection Over charge O X X
Over discharge O X X