Natural Honey

Goroka is highland in Papua New Guinea , it is located over altitude 1500m on the Bismark
Mountain range . This area has very clean air and rich sunshine and rich jungle ecosystem.
Goroka “Highland honey” produced from the jungle by aboriginal people who don’t have bee
keeping technic.

They just collect the honey from natural honey hive or their own small hive . Village people
just put few hive and waiting until honey filled in the hive without any Interference.
So this honey is pure natural honey.

Thus quantity is not much, and rare, because they depends on the natural climate condition.

There are two kinds of honey, One is light honey and the other one is dark honey which has
special taste . So we introduce two kinds of Highland Honey.

Try to taste new honey


Papua New Guinea “Blue mountain Coffee”

Cultivation of coffee in Papua New Guinea(PNG) began since 1920s. The coffee seed was
Blue Mountain from Jameica.
PNG coffee is famous for the sweet and sour taste of the fruit. That is, It has the rich flavor.
Most coffee plantations are located at 1500~2000m of the sea level on the Bismark mountain.
So the taste of Arabica coffee is made by rich sunshine , cool climate of the evening
and morning.
The coffee trees are grown at own garden by villagers and then coffee company collect the
Coffee from them.
So most of the PNG coffee is were well known as the organic coffee.

Needless to say that Blue Mountain coffee is the best in the world.