Security goods

Security Whistle and flash

“Combination between Whistle and Flash light”

  • For Self Defense : ladies and children can use under the dangerous situation in the night or
    at the basement parking lot.
  • For Security : Set to the sensor hook on the window and on the handle bar of the bikes.
    It warn with high decibel whistle alert when theft touch the windows or bike.
  • For Leisure : Flash function and light baton function will help night climber, camping,
    fishing and hiking.
  • For Industry : Light baton and whistle can be used for safety guard at construction sites
    or for traffic controls, preventive patrols and security guards.
  • For Car : Light baton is useful for signal when car accident or breakdown situation is
    occurred on the street. Specially roly poly baton is good .
  • For Rescue : Alert with high decibel whistle , and light or light baton(Option).
  • Size : 91mm X 29Φ
  • Weight : 37g
  • Lamp : high brightness LED
  • Whistle : 100dB(within 1m distance)
  • Sound pressure level(dB/qm): 100dB / 1m
  • Sensor : Vibration sensor
  • Working hour : Flash 4hr, Blinking 9hr
  • Battery : Lithium polymer 3.7V / 530mA
  • Charging hour : 1hr
  • Charging cable : 5pin micro USB

Security insect net

“ With security and protection from mosquito”

This window net has strong effect of security and perfect effect against the invasion of insects with strong stainless mesh,
To cut by knife or hammer is very difficult caused by strong stainless mesh

Specification of mesh
  • Mesh : 13Mesh (range : 6~20mesh)
  • Thickness : 0.7mm (range : ~ 1.00mm)
  • material : SUS 304 & SUS 316 (27 kinds & 32kinds)
  • Strength : High strength 6000N
  • Coating : Special coating (premium black powder coating)