Battery Recover

Battery Recover-Power saver AB1202


Power saver AB1202 can extend battery life due to remove sulfate with special
pulse controlling system, thus realizing the higher rate of battery restoration.

Cause of battery performance degradation

A major trouble of battery or breakdown is caused by sulfate, generated by the electro-chemical reaction during charging and
discharging, Which bonds with polarized plates, thus hindering the current of electrons. According to a report by a world battery
committee, about 75 percent of discarded batteries around the world is caused by sulfate.

Who need Power Saver AB1202 ?

If you use AB1202, you can save big money by extension of battery life and reduced breakdown of vehicle. Specially it shows big effect
Against the big size battery, (over 100AH Battery)

  • Construction company: for Heavy equipment, Diesel generator, etc
  • Bus company
  • Taxi Company
  • Vehicle vendor
  • Battery recovering shop : good business
  • Military vehicle and Tanks : Always emergency standby

Shorten of Battery life caused by floating charge is prevented through well maintenance of battery.


Unlike the chemical –adding(perforating) and electrical charging methods, A powerful high-frequency pulse method of AB1202 is dissolving the sulfate and restoring the electrodes bonded with sulfate and chamber of the battery into the almost original state through chemical reaction for ionization.

  • Restoration Method: Pulse-controlling system using micro-controller(CPU)
  • Operation System: Automatic controlling system for simple and easier restoration
  • One to six units can be restored a day with lower cost (USD0.2 cost per one unit in Korea)
  • Safety: Voltage-free, Hertz-free; Built-in systems for the prevention of electric shock and unwanted operation
  • Conveniences: Restored level and restoration process is displayed on LCD; Portable (7kg)
  • Endurance: Durable system for prolonged usage
  • Restoration rate is higher than 90 percent compared with fresh battery products
  • Any 12 voltage lead sulfate batteries can be restored by the hook-up with the Power Saver, an environment-free instrument adopting up-to-date energy-recycling technology
  • Pulse strength controlled by CPU to prevent damage to the battery
  • Dual function : Diagnosis and recover function are possible at simultaneous

Economical efficiency----Saving Cost

  • Reduction of purchase cost of battery – extended operation hour
  • Reduction in environmental pollution treatment costs.
  • Reduced breakdown of equipment cause by flat of battery
  • High rate of benefit against investment of purchase AB1202


  • Model : Power Saver AB1202
  • Input Power : AC 100/200, 50/60Hz(free)
  • Frequency band : 10Hz~50Hz
  • Electrical Consumption : Max 500W
  • Dimension : 370(W)X450(L)x220(H)mm
  • Weight : 17kg
  • Target battery : 12V PbSO4 Battery / 20~400AH
  • Constant current & Constant voltage prevent Charged reverse
  • Included protection circuit of input short.
  • Alert And LCD :alarm when finished or occur problem.
  • Check bad cell and status of battery within 4hr.
  • Restore complete within 4~18hr
  • RC(Reserve capacity) Measurement capability
  • CCA(Cold Cranking Ampere) Measurement capability
  • Internal resistance Measurement capability