CEO Message

Forward to a global company with partners

Our Parang International Co., Ltd accept speedy changes of the world trade market, and offer
various items to customers as a comprehensive trading company.
We run faster and one more step in order to provide cheaper and superior goods, scattered all over
the world, to our business partners through our global network.

We trade various products such as heavy equipments, daily necessaries, safety goods, machinery,
spare parts, and consumable items as a supplier of the natural resources development project.
Since 2013, we started supply of the Photovoltaic lighting system like solar generator and solar
lantern etc. to the undeveloped countries such as south pacific countries including Papua New
Guinea, and Africa countries.

“Satisfy customer”.

It is the most important business faith of our company.
The company and all our employees are not able to survive without customer's satisfaction and
belief. Thus all staff engraved it deeply in our heart and effort to strengthen mutual confidence
between partners and company. As a result, each side will achieve WIN-WIN with good profit.

All of our employees make effort to the mutual trust and pursue interests together customers and
company, as a result both party will achieve Win-Win.